The Facts of Life According to the Bible


FACT #1--The Bible is the Word of God

2Tim 3:14-17: the Scriptures are what make us wise for salvation. What does this mean?

Name at least four things the Scriptures are useful for.


FACT #2--Jesus Christ is the Son of God

John 14:6


FACT #3--There will be a Judgment Day

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Hebrews 9:27


FACT #4--On Judgment Day Jesus Christ will be the judge

John 5:22: Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son.

Acts 17:30-31: In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.


FACT #5--On Judgment Day we will be judged by the Word of God

John 8:31- If--then statement. What is it that makes us Christians in Gods eyes? What is it that makes us a disciple of Christ in Jesus eye? Where are his teachings found?

John 12:48- What will we be judged by on Judgment Day? So how important is it to know Gods Word?


FACT #6-- We all die someday--no exceptions


FACT #7-- If we do not believe Jesus is who He says He is, we will die

John 8:24-25 --Who is Jesus?

Colossians 1:15-20

What did Jesus do?

Isaiah 52:13-53:12


FACT #8-- If we do not repent of our sins, we will die

Luke 13:3,5 Galatians 5:19-21 Colossians 3:5-10

This means self-denial Luke 9:23


FACT #9-- If we do not confess our faith in Christ, neither will He confess us before God

Matthew 10:32-33


FACT # 10-- Unless we obey the Gospel, we will be lost

2 Thessalonians 1:8

Q: What is the gospel? 1Corinthians 15: 1-4

A: Its the good news about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that man can attain salvation through Him.

How do we obey a past event? How do we obey the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Romans 6:3-6 -How do we unite ourselves with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection?

1Peter 3:21 How does baptism save us?

See also Mark 16:15-16, John 3:5 , Acts 2:38 and Acts 22:16










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