Questions for those that still want to say babies are “born in sin” or actually

commit sin….


If babies sin…..


1.)   Can you name one sin that babies commit?

2.)   Why did Jesus say the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children? (Matt 19:14)

3.)   Where in the bible does it show a baby committing sin?


If babies are “born in sin”….


1.)   Why did Ezekiel say each man is responsible for his own sin (actions), not those of his father --and vice versa? (Ezekiel 18:19-20)

2.)   Why did Moses say basically the same thing as Ezekiel? (Deuteronomy 24:16)

3.)   Why, if babies are born in sin, did Job say, if he had died at birth, he would have been “at rest”? (Job 3:11-13)

4.)   If humans are born in sin (and Jesus was 100% human), how then was Christ sinless?

5.)   If babies are “born in sin” how was Paul ever ALIVE “apart from the Law” at one time? (Romans 7:9)

6.)   Why did Jesus say the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children? (Matt 19:14)

7.)   If the concept of “original sin” is valid, then why wasn’t it taught in Judaism before Christ? Why isn’t it taught today? Why wasn’t it taught before the Catholic Church?

8.)   If babies are born separated from God, and “in sin” then why does Isaiah 59:1-2 teach that it is “your iniquities” and “your sins” that separates one from God? Why doesn’t it teach Adams’ sin, or something resembling “original sin” separates one from God?

9.)   If babies are born in a “lost” state, what would be the point of Jesus telling us we must be “born again”? (John 3:3) What good would it do?


If babies are to be “baptized”…


1.)   Where in the Bible does it specifically show or teach BABIES are to be baptized?

2.)   How are babies saved without faith in Christ? (John 8:24)

3.)   How are babies saved without repenting? (Luke 13:3,5)

4.)   Without faith and repentance (which a baby does not need to do because he has not yet sinned) how is “baptism” any different than bathing?

5.)   If babies can be saved without faith and without repentance (and have sin), why are adults required to have faith and repentance?


And finally…


Is there more than one way to be saved?




This page last updated: March 31, 2003